The Jukely office is big on dogs. We bring them into the office. I try to force them into tweets whenever I can. People ask me “but how does one compare two golden retrievers to techno fans?” This is how.

So, it should be no surprise that I’ve taken it a step too far. It’s time for the first (of many? We’ll let the editor decide) rendition of “doggelgängers.” That’s dog-doppelgängers, for those of you too scared to use Urban Dictionary. If you’re wondering, yes, it is a made up word. And no, I don’t care.

Anyways, what better way to do this than just do it by label or collective? Let’s just dive into this high quality content, with the doggelgängers of the Foreign Family Collective, in no particular order:

Big Wild

The flow. The half-up top knot. The wind blowing effortlessly.


I don’t know why but it works and I think it has something to do with the eyes even though they’re two different colors.


You know the saying about dogs who look like their owners? Meet Daffy & Autolaser. I wish I could say this one took me a lot of time to cross-compare but it didn’t because he’s obsessed with Daffy and it made my life easy so here’s a couple bonus images of the easiest match on the list.

Jai Wolf

Sometimes, we don’t ask for greatness. Greatness is thrust upon us, like this stock photo of a canine clone of Jai Wolf (Yes, you would think his doggelgänger is a wolf, because of, well, you know – ‘wolf’. It’s not.).

Chet Porter

I really struggled on deciding which one of these to use so here’s both. Let us know which you like on Twitter. I’m leaning towards the small, wiry, scared-and-alone one, but that’s just me.

Golden Features

Something tells me when a person is only photographed with a gold mask covering their face, they probably don’t want to be included in lists like this. Well, unlucky for you, Golden Features. SKRRRRT.

Louis Futon

Am I the only one who is starting to think their similarities to dogs is why they’re all in the same Collective??

Monsoon Siren

Suave. Refined. Mysterious.

Rüfüs Du Sol

I didn’t promise they’d all be identical. This one is pretty close. It’s also next to impossible to get three dogs in a photo, so I’d say I win this round.


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