I’m putting my foot down. We’ve seen all the same headlines about millennials choosing experiences not things, but I’m going to throw my two cents into the ring anyway. This isn’t just a “millennial thing.” This is for everyone, and if you’re a real, live, human person, let me tell you why activities are about eleven times better than a gift.

experiences not thingsYou most likely don’t remember all (if any) of the presents you got for your last birthday, but you do remember how your ex bought you tickets to go see your favorite band. Or the trip your parents took you on for your graduation ten years ago.

Stuff ages and breaks and disappears from your life, but experiences live with you forever.

While 85% of the gifts we receive (a statistic I just made up), if not more, will never have a story associated with them. They may very well be enjoyed, or even cherished, but you will never be able to bring a friend aside and tell them about that one time your friend Karen bought you some nice work socks or even a really solid video game.

And I see some of you asking the question, “What if the something allows me to go do something?” Well then, you’ve already answered your own question. You need something to do something. The end result is the same. And it’s the doing that’s more important than the thing.

What kind of activity are we talking here? Because taking a nice walk to the local fast food place and grabbing a meal for two could be considered an “activity.” But my “experiences not things” will almost always be associated with music. Going to a show. Seeing a band or a festival of some kind. But your activities all depend on you. The more in line it is with your interests, the more you’re going to remember it. That goes both ways as a gift for someone else or just something you get for yourself.

experiences not thingsI’m sure there are sticklers who will want to talk about cherished gifts passed down through the family over the years. Great grandaddy so-and-so’s 150-year-old pocket watch is very different from your run of the mill gift. The fact that you’re going to keep it forever is the game-changer. You’re going to specifically CHERISH it, and think about it, and hold it a special place in your heart forever. Some gifts do have the power of an activity, but most won’t. This is often the kind of gift that you don’t spend money on.

If you’re like me and live in one of the 16 cities worldwide Jukely is available in and want to surprise a friend or family member with some live music, they’ll take care of you. Even if you don’t go to a lot of shows, you might want to start hitting more shows anyway. It’s been scientifically proven that they make you happier.

And, if you’re in New York, I might just see you out there.