When drinking, most of us usually reach for the beer, the shot, or the wine. Most of the time we also don’t want to reach for the check. Regardless of the occasion, sometimes it’s nice to disregard the number next to the drink, and simply drink to enjoy. A quiet night, a starter, a date… These are all great excuses to have a few fancy cocktails. An even better excuse: being in Houston.

In Houston, the creative juices flow heavy when discussing cocktails. Here are some cocktails/cocktail bars to visit in the city:


Cocktail Bars in Houston

This bar, owned by renowned bartender Alba Huerta, claims “southern sensibilities” in their cocktail craftsmanship. Julep is considered an elite bourbon bar, and here, you can find their own Mint Julep, consisting of a blend of two bourbons, turbinado (sugar), and mint.

Upon scanning their specialty cocktails, one would see more diverse options. One of their more creative cocktails is called the “Cape Fear Cooler,” made with Islay Single Malt Scotch, carbonated Pinot Noir Verjus, and watermelon puree.

1919 Washington Ave
Houston, TX 77007

The Honeymoon Bar

Cocktail Bars in Houston

The Honeymoon Bar not only serves as a bar, but also as a café. Therefore, on top of a nice list of interesting classic options, you will find a section of the menu dedicated purely to coffee cocktails, starting with a traditional Irish coffee, and moving through rye, cognac, and Green Chartreuse-based cocktails, mixed with cold brewed coffee and espresso.

300 Main St.
Houston, TX 77002

Anvil Bar & Refuge

Cocktail Bars in Houston

The notable quality on the menu at the Anvil is the variety that they offer. Their menu consists of what they call, “The 100 List,” which is quite-literally a list of about 100 separate cocktails.

Every kind of liquor is present on this list, and, as you can imagine, with this many options comes a ton of creativity. Any cocktail you could think up is on this list, so a blindfold and the point of a finger may serve you well. At least for the first few rounds, of course…

1424 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX 77006

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