Houston, we have a problem

Recently the Wall Street Journal pointed out that many news outlets overuse the term “Houston, we have a problem,” when referring to Houston. The reflex has gotten worse recently because of the Astros’ playoff run and back page headline writers being particularly prone to turns of phrase like that.

Houston AstrosIt seems Houstonians are sick of it, but the article also noted that many Houstonians suspect the reason for the prevalence of the term is “that it is one of the few things most Americans can readily recall about the nation’s fourth-largest city, which is home to 2.3 million.”

Well, that’s a problem. Houston has so much to offer. Time to educate the general human population.

Great things Houston should be known for:

  1. Most diverse large city in America.
  2. Energy capital.
  3. Great music venues.
  4. Successful model for bus transportation.
  5. Great bars.
  6. Great dive bars.
  7. Great country music because it’s Texas.
  8. BeyoncéGreat other music because, remember, diverse city that isn’t just about your stereotypes.
  9. Great metal scene, which isn’t so diverse I suppose, but is great anyways.
  10. Seriously, amazing music venues.
  11. Home to great music festivals.
  12. Former home to great music festivals that burned too bright because Houston is too awesome.
  13. Great museums.
  14. Yes, home to Johnson Space Center because it’s literally the best place for talking to space.
  15. Birthplace of Beyoncé (why wasn’t this first?).
  16. Home of the currently very successful Houston Astros (even if I hate Justin Verlander).
  17. Home of other very successful sports teams. And some okay ones (ahem, Texans…).
  18. Birthplace of the guy who wrote Apollo 13, including that line.

Anyways, somewhere from that list we should be able to find a new headline cliché for Houston. You’re welcome.

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