better relationship

There aren’t too many of us who would be against having a better relationship with our significant other. With the five tips below you’ll see how live music might be just the thing to take your volume level to 11 in love.

The best 5 tips to build a better relationship through music


better relationship

The first step to any good relationship is communication, everyone knows that. Before going to a show, make sure that both people are able to talk about what kind of music they like and what bands you each want to see. And really dig into how the music makes each of you feel.

Talking to your partner about the intricacies of music will not only help you understand why you like the music, but it’ll give your partner a whole new view of who you are. Hopefully, your music chats will even spill over into the rest of your future communications.


better relationship

If communication isn’t the most important part of the relationship, respect has to be. And in music, it’s no different. If your significant other comes to the table and wants to see a band that isn’t very popular, or is super popular, or possibly the combination of the names “nickel” and “back,” respect is important. Remember not to hurt each other’s feelings over music, it’s a very personal topic to a lot of people, but one that can also grow the respect you have for each other.

Sometimes you need to mix respect up with compromise (while still being respectful). Maybe this week you’ll go to their favorite show and next week go to yours. Go see bands, genres, and venues that you normally wouldn’t. Use your respect for each other as a way to grow together.


better relationship

How do you keep a happy relationship? You stay happy, which is exactly what happens when you exercise! Your brain releases endorphins when you dance, and if you’re going to shows that you love, you’re going to be dancing! It’s just that simple (not to mention dancing reverses aging in the brain).

A couple that exercises together is building a better relationship through science. You don’t need a gym to exercise, you just need some of your favorite tunes blasting over the speakers.


better relationship

I’m going to go out on a limb here, but I’m guessing that your significant other fell for you because you’re passionate about something, right? Passion is attractive and sharing music you’re passionate about is incredible. Tell your partner why you love a band. Tell them about the first time you saw them. Or just show them passion by letting them see you fall in love with a band in front of their very eyes.

The other thing about passion is the fact that you’re going to be seeing the musicians themselves, who are putting it all out on the stage for you. Passion breeds passion, and hopefully, it pushes you two crazy kids even closer together.


better relationship

Here’s an important piece of the puzzle when you think about space. You can think about this one as the lack of space, like when you’re dancing close, or space when you both go to shows without each other. Live music isn’t always about you and your date, it could be you and your best friend, or you and your favorite metalhead. Allowing for space in the relationship is almost as important as keeping close.

How do you build a better relationship through live music? Are we missing any? Tell us all about them on Twitter.