affordable concerts

You’ve found the perfect concert, but it’s out of your price range. It’s worth saving up for, but how do you try and make sure the night doesn’t spiral out of control fiscally? Turns out even if the ticket is expensive, affordable concerts are possible.

While we’ve got tips on how to avoid the big ticket fee, it’s worth nothing that’s not always possible. Don’t let a good time you are all right with splurging on turn into something you can’t afford. Use these tips on how to make a night going out more affordable.

9 ways to turn expensive concerts into affordable concerts

Switch up old outfits

First thing’s first, there’s no need to buy a fresh new outfit for every time you go out. The easiest way to make more affordable concerts is to reuse and recycle! Try and spice up your go-to concert outfit by changing up your shoes or wearing an old shirt. It’ll practically feel brand new without the price tag.

Find the drink deals

Everyone knows alcohol cost is what really skyrockets a night out on the town. Foursquare or Yelp are your friends. Find happy hours and drink specials at bars closest to your venue, so you can snag a beverage right before doors open.

Make your drinks count

affordable concertsTime your drinks. Make sure you’re getting the most out of what little money you do decide to spend while you’re making more affordable concerts. If you buy drinks too early, you’ll be busy trying to get back to the bar to get another and miss the show you paid so much to see in the first place.

Know your drinking style. If you want to let loose, maybe cocktails are your best bet. Look at the price differential between beers and well drinks. Evaluate if you’ll need two beers, or if you think one cocktail will be okay. It’s all about knowing your own preferences!

Space out your drinks

Alternate your drinks with water. It’ll cost less, and you’ll drink less; making your hangover more manageable the next day.

Bring out a predetermined amount of money

If you only bring out cash, you’ll have a set amount to spend on alcohol and food. You can still open a tab, but it limits what you can order and how much.

Eat at home

Budgeting is your friend. Why pay for eating out prices if you can make yourself a quick bite before heading out the door? Pair it with your favorite beverage at home to double up on the money saving tendencies.

Take public transit

affordable concertsNot only is it environmentally friendly, it’s also a fraction of the price of paying for a private ride. It might take a little bit longer to get to the venue, but it’s worth it to save a few bucks.

Rideshare (and find the cheapest route)

Say you don’t like public transit. Or the bus and subway route doesn’t even go close to your venue. Rideshare! Think Lyft, Uber, Via. Don’t book privately, share your ride! Much like public transit, it’s a fraction of the price.

To save more money on surge pricing, try and walk to a main road away from the traffic of the venue after it lets out. It might shave off a few bucks from the fare.

Skip the late night eats (or stick to dollar pizza)

If you’re leaning towards grabbing a late night bite, it may be tempting to buy the fancy food. Trust me, this is just a refueling stop after a night of dancing. A dollar slice will suffice.

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