Concert tips

Welcome to concert tips for going to shows, festivals, gigs, or whatever you want to call it when you see live music. And before you say it, a lot of these go directly against each other because… there’s just so many things you have to take into account when you’re hitting up a show.

I’m sure over time I’ll add things that we think up, but here’s what I’ve got so far.

The only 75 concert tips you ever need to know

  1. Go with friends.
  2. Go alone.
  3. Go to bands you love.
  4. Go to bands you don’t know.
  5. See local artists.
  6. See national artists.
  7. See foreign artists.
  8. Put the date on your calendar.
  9. Walk to the show.concert tips
  10. Drive to the show.
  11. Take a plane/train/bus to the show.
  12. Carpool to the show.
  13. Find tiny venues.
  14. Find BIG venues.
  15. Find hole-in-the-wall bars with music.
  16. Have a beer/liquor.
  17. Don’t drink alcohol.
  18. Stay hydrated.
  19. Tip well.
  20. Stand in the front row.
  21. Watch it all from the back.
  22. Go upstairs.
  23. Clap.
  24. Unless something really offensive goes down, no booing.
  25. Sing along.
  26. Dance.concert tips
  27. Make new friends.
  28. Go out around the venue before the show.
  29. Go out around the venue after the show.
  30. If you see the band, say hi.
  31. If you do drink, take a cab or get a ride.
  32. Dress for the weather (layers rule).
  33. Don’t wear the shirt of the band you’re there to see.
  34. Buy a shirt of the band you’re there to see.
  35. Post about the show.
  36. Post about the bands.
  37. Post about the venue.
  38. Check in at the show (on social).
  39. Review the show.
  40. Get there before the opening act.
  41. Crowd surf.concert tips
  42. Watch out for crowdsurfers.
  43. Join in the mosh pit.
  44. Protect yourself from the mosh pit.
  45. Check out the bands before you get there.
  46. Listen to the bands you like after you leave.
  47. Plan ahead.
  48. Bring a bag.
  49. Be spontaneous.
  50. Be polite.
  51. Take pictures/videos (but be cognizant of your surroundings).
  52. Don’t wear sandals.
  53. Wear comfortable shoes.
  54. Eat before you get there.
  55. Eat after you leave.
  56. Make sure if you need printed tickets, you have them.
  57. Make sure your phone is charged.
  58. Check out the setlist from shows on the same tour.
  59. Keep conversations during the show to a minimum.
  60. Use the restroom before or during breaks.
  61. Don’t fight with anyone (physically or verbally).
  62. Keep it positive.concert tips
  63. Don’t yell “Free Bird” ever.
  64. Check the weather before you go.
  65. Check the rules of what’s not allowed at the show (weapons, food, etc.)
  66. Too hot? Check your coat/bag/etc.
  67. Too cold? Buy a sweatshirt from the merch table.
  68. Don’t smoke inside.
  69. Bring cash and credit.
  70. Bring quarters for machines/games/etc.
  71. Unless you’re moshing, try not to bump into people.
  72. Use the trashcans.
  73. Get some fresh air between sets.
  74. Plan ahead about parking, if need be.

There are tons of concert tips out there. Picking and choosing is the most important part about using them. You’ll find your own groove as you go to more and more shows. The perfect tip for one show might not be the same for another. And what goes for concerts might not be right for a festival.

When it comes to live music, you do you.

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