see live music

You shouldn’t need an excuse to go see live music, but in case you do these seven excuses are almost impossible to argue with, so use them at your own discretion.

A Friend is Going

Going to a show alone is completely and totally fine, but if a friend is going and you like the music, it’s the best excuse. Why wouldn’t you go to a show with a friend? The best part about going with a friend is that they might just grab your ticket for you! Just don’t forget to buy them a few drinks as a tip of the hat to them.

Your Health

Going to a show is actually insanely good for you. Whether it’s the dancing, the good energy, or just getting out of the house, “I’m doing this for my health!” should always be a thought when you go out to a show.

Free Show

see live music

Friends and health aside, a free show is a free show. This shouldn’t even be an excuse, it should just be a reason. There are always a ton of free shows at local bars, colleges, and around town. So try expanding your world and checking out a few free shows. It’ll change your life.

Favorite Band

If your favorite band is playing close enough for you to get to, get to it! It might not be free, but it’s your favorite band. There’s nothing like seeing a band you hold close to your heart.


Over the past few years, I’ve stepped up my nostalgia game and it’s awesome.You either get the chance to re-live your past or you finally get to see your favorite bands from the past for the first time. There’s nothing like being transported back in time by music.

Date Night

Music is the language of love, is it not? Everything about live music is perfect for date night because you usually have plenty of time for dinner or drinks beforehand and then you get to share your passion for music with someone else. And being in a room filled with other passionate people and the band really takes the connection to another level.

You’re a Jukely Member

see live music

If you’re a Jukely member and you’re not going to a show a week, I have to ask, why? Even if you don’t know the bands, go find new ones and enjoy a night out. Music discovery is one of the best parts of going to live music to begin with.

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