Don’t deny it – we all have some strange music habits. Some songs are just too awesome not to listen to 4,642 times in a row, or to belt out loud in a public place. And that’s okay.

These days, it’s nearly impossible to hide our music habits anyway. Look at Spotify’s “2017 Wrapped” campaign. First they prompted us to share the most embarrassing streaming statistics from our accounts. Then they published the most bizarre data points as marketing content. Apparently one Spotify user added 48 Ed Sheeran songs to a playlist called “I Love Gingers” – I know that because they literally put it on a billboard. No one is safe. So let’s just be honest with ourselves.

6 strange music habits

spotify 2017 wrapped campaign
Image courtesy of Adweek

1. Listening to the same song over and over again

We all do this. Sometimes you’ll have a song on repeat for days, and then all of a sudden – you hate it. Other times, you never get bored of it, and it remains a long-term personal favorite. Regardless, there’s plenty of science behind our propensity for repetition. By repeating our favorite songs, we can anticipate and participate in every moment. So when you play that one song for the 82nd time today, remember: you’re not alone.

kanye headbanging airplane
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2. Nodding your head aggressively

Music isn’t heard – it’s felt. Everyone knows that. But until it’s socially acceptable to stand up and dance anytime you hear your favorite track, you’ll need to be a bit more subtle with your enthusiasm. You have a few options.

You can either tap your foot (and annoy everyone in the room), or you can nod your head along to the beat. Some people will do this very lightly, while others (including yours truly) opt for the more aggressive version that borders on headbanging.

big shaq man's not hot
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3. Spending hours memorizing lyrics just to impress

If you’ve memorized the entirety of Big Shaq’s “Man’s Not Hot,” chances are you’re the coolest person at any given party. People don’t just memorize entire verses after only a couple listens. It takes practice – and practice generally entails putting the song on repeat and failing again and again until you get it. We’ve all been there. Memorizing song lyrics is incredibly fun. And there’s nothing better than feeling like you’re the one actually singing the song.

speakers taped to ears
Image courtesy of Head-Fi

4. Listening to music wayyyyy too loud

To that guy on the subway with the massive pair of Studio Beats: the entire train can hear the trap song you’re listening to. Why not just tape a set of speakers to your ears next time? Seriously though, many of us are guilty of this. Turning up the music can make it more intense and enjoyable. Just be sure to protect your ears, whether you’re at home, on the train, or at a concert.

singing in the shower
Image courtesy of AFV

5. Playing music in the shower

We used to be satisfied with singing in the shower. But now it’s 2018 – we have bluetooth speakers. As a result, shower entertainment has really stepped up its game. Playing music in the shower is the perfect way to get energized in the morning. Maybe you like something mellow, or maybe something more aggressive gives you that get-up-and-go. Maybe you like to have the lights on, or maybe turning them off makes it more fun. Shower time is your time, so you might as well make it a party.

singing in public
Image courtesy of YouTube

6. Singing out loud in public

One way or another, we all do this. Some of us quietly hum while walking down the street. Others will sing to their heart’s content even in the most public of places. And more often than not, they have headphones on, meaning their pitch is… less than perfect. But who’s to judge? If you feel like singing, then sing. It’ll make you happier and healthier. Some people around you might not be amused, but hey, they’re the ones missing out.

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