Winter is the classic season for curling up under a blanket, hot cocoa in hand, fireplace roaring, and a nice book in hand. Don’t go back outside until spring arrives. There are no good ways to stay warm but have fun in the winter.


Want to know why? Because your lazy ass is the same one that was lying under an air conditioner wishing it weren’t so hot outside six months ago. It’s time to get up and live your life, no matter the weather.

Okay, that was mean. But seriously, there are ways to still go out and have fun, even during the winter.

1. Move to Miami, Los Angeles, or someplace similarly warm

And we’re done. Easiest list ever.




No? Let’s try again.

5 ways to stay warm but have fun in the winter

1. Go to a museum or gallery

museums stay warm but have funRemember when you moved to the city and you were gushing about all the “culture” that was in your new home? And then the only culture you’ve so far consumed is binging The Great British Bake Off for the third time (their accents are classy!). It’s time to change that and now is as good a time as any. After all, if you’re going to spend an extended amount of time indoors, you might as well switch it up and do it somewhere new.

Are museums fun? They should be. Remember interactive museums exist for those of us who are easily distracted or bored.

2. Check out the local theater scene

theater stay warm but have funWinter is traditionally theater season, when all the new productions come out. If you’re lucky enough to be in one of the major theater cities like New York or London, you’re probably rolling your eyes. Yes, Broadway and the West End are often unimaginably expensive, but really there’s a lot more affordable theater out there, you just need to work harder to find it.

If you’re outside those two cities though, finding a great show is an exercise in just giving it a shot and hoping you get lucky. That’s because for most shows that eventually make it big, they start somewhere else and you might be lucky enough to catch it in your city before it moves on to Broadway.

3. Winter markets

holiday market stay warm but have funIt used to be that people would go to Europe around Christmas time and see these glorious outdoor markets and think, “Why don’t we have these here?” It was inexplicable, really, but they’re finally starting to catch on in the United States. Yes, they are outdoors and in the cold, but the product offerings are well-designed to combat that (I am referring of course to warm boozy drinks). And this seasonal offering isn’t available any other time of year, so you need to take advantage now. It’s my personal favorite way to stay warm but have fun in the winter.

Besides, it’s a great way to do really unique holiday gift shopping.

4. Ice skating

ice skating stay warm but have funYou can skate indoors if you want. There are rinks all over. However, they do often smell constant of sweat and seem more like a place you take your kid for figure skating or ice hockey practice.

Outdoor skating, on the other hand, is a magical seasonal offering that’s worth braving the cold for. And the physical exertion involved with ice skating should keep you warmer and happier than you might have been previously.

5. Go to a concert

concerts stay warm but have funYou probably knew you weren’t getting out of this article without this one being on the list. Either that or you’re not really paying attention (hint: check out Jukely). But I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that concerts are a great winter activity. You can use them to get away from your family over the holidays.

They’re also indoors and they generate a lot of excess body heat. Especially if you’re just there for the penguin huddle because you broke the heat in your apartment by trying to turn it up past 80°F.

Also, sound waves work by moving air molecules, which also warms them up. So just by being near loud music you’re warmer.

It’s not too cold out to do anything. There are plenty of ways to stay warm but have fun in the winter. Go enjoy the winter exactly like you enjoy the summer!

Or move someplace where winter doesn’t exist…

How do you stay warm in the winter? Let us know on Twitter!

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