staying warm

As the saying goes, “the weather outside is frightful,” but it’s time for us all to stand up and fight back. No matter how cold it gets I’m going to continue making memories and exploring my city. I will not let Mother Nature win. I’m staying warm and going out!

How will I go about staying warm? By going out to see some live music. I know what you’re thinking, “out” is where the cold is. Why wouldn’t you just go to work, and then head home to bed where you can stay under the blankets (or a heated blanket, if you really wanna step it up)? Because you can’t live unless you’re actually living.

Let’s dive in. Don’t worry, the pool is heated…

How to go about staying warm
with live music

staying warm1. Crowds

Not too many people out there are pumped to even read the word “crowds,” but when you’re cold, there’s nothing like ’em. Head to the show. Take your mittens off and put them in your pockets. Check your coat. And let the heat of hundreds of your music-listening brethren heat up your world. Let the heat embrace your body and shake off any of the chill you felt.

The best part about crowds is that if you’re listening to music, you’re probably going to be…

staying warm2. Dancing

You’re in the crowd. You’ve checked your coat. And now, you’re dancing your little heart out. Which means you’re using energy. Which means you’re heating up! How much this’ll heat you up is all dependent of how hard you’re busting a move. A head nod isn’t going to cut it guys. If you really wanna heat up, you gotta go all out, body dancing. And yes, “body dancing” is the phrase I’m going to use to describe this.

If you’re like me, you’re most likely not dancing unless there’s some…

staying warm3. Alcohol

I’ve heard that drinking alcohol doesn’t actually help you get warm when it’s cold, but the mind is a powerful beast. A thing that it’ll do is help you on the dance floor, or at least help you get to the dance floor. Once there, it cannot be responsible for your actions, so participate at your own risk.

If alcohol is not your go-to, then the one thing that’s sure to warm almost everyone up is…

staying warm4. Love

You don’t need romantic love for this one to heat you up at the show. It could be the kind of love between two gig buddies at a show of a band they both love. It could be between you and the band and the music they make. Or it could be just the love for the venue. Love is a tricky heat inducer, but I’m sure you can embrace it when you find it.

Love can mean a lot of things. It might be between two people, or it could be all about the…

staying warm5. Music

What heats up your life more than the music itself? If it’s the goosebump-inducing vocals, the heavy-handed drummer who taps into your soul, the guitarist who always strikes the right chord, or the bass line that vibrates your very core, music is fire. Fire is heat. Heat is what happens when you’re inside listening to live music. That’s science (I’m standing by it).

Argue with me all you want, but these five ways to go about staying warm with live music are some of the easiest and most fun ways to do it. Leave your bed behind and head to the show. Or go to the show, heat up, and go home to that beautiful heated blanket.

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