baby's all right, best concert venues in New York

Yeah, I know. A lot of places claim to have a list of the “best concert venues in New York.” Well, they’re wrong. You’ve found it. The real list. This is it. This is the objective list based on all the true factors that contribute to “best-ness.” For example, how good it is for concerts.

But seriously, although “best concert venues in New York” might be a subjective concept, these five are actually worth checking out. They’re top tier.

Definitely Probably the best concert venues in New York

House of Yes

House of Yes best concert venues in New York

Calling House of Yes a “concert venue” is definitely not doing it justice. Yes, they do have music events there. But there’s so much more. Founded by two aerialists, the venue is the realization of their dream to create a premier space for free artistic expression. Their programming ranges wildly from costume parties, to aerial spectacles, to burlesque shows, and so much more.

The venue itself also has a lot of clout as a former DIY space that managed to go legit and survive amidst the city crackdown.

Check out some upcoming shows at House of Yes.

Baby’s All Right

Baby's All Right best concert venues in New York

If House of Yes made this list because of their avant-garde, eclectic take on “concert venue,” Baby’s All Right is here for the music. Very few venues are as good as Baby’s All Right at finding the next up-and-coming artist and featuring them before they make it really big. Go here regardless of who’s playing and just keep a list of who you end up seeing. And then next time your friend tries to tell you about this amazing new artist that they just discovered, consult the list. Yep, you were there first. I’m pretty sure that’s how you win a friendship.

Also, the food is pretty good.

Check out some upcoming shows at Baby’s All Right.

C’mon Everybody

C'mon Everybody best concert venues in New York

Upon entering C’mon Everybody, you might mistake it for another unassuming neighborhood bar. Great for a drink certainly, but nothing you’d travel to Bed-Stuy for if you didn’t already live there. But open those double doors to the back and you’ll find a whole other world. There’s a room for performances, a lounge, and a small gallery with a rotating set of artist residencies.

Nobody goes to C’mon Everybody for an aggressive mosh pit. But if you’re looking for a low-key place for great music and a great time, this is your haven.

Check out some upcoming shows at C’mon Everybody.

Saint Vitus

Saint Vitus best concert venues in New York

Let’s get this out of the way, if you hate metal, you won’t like this place. Which is a shame because although its chosen genre is certainly an all-or-nothing type of music, the venue itself is really great. It’s a nice space for music, a good bar, and a fun neighborhood. But if you are a metal fan, this place is basically your holy land.

This isn’t just a “New York thing,” Saint Vitus might be one of the nation’s best metal venues. And the best metal acts know it, they’ll always make a stop at Saint Vitus. The place isn’t that big either, so it’s a great place to get up close and personal with the gods of metal.

Check out some upcoming shows at Saint Vitus.


Schimanski best concert venues in New York

For those in the know, Schimanski has been accumulating some of the best free agent talent in the New York electronic music scene. Electronic venues are a crowded field in New York, but Schimanski is starting to separate itself from the pack by bringing in the right people, the best parties, the best artists, and building the best electronic vibe in the city.

Plus, there are windows from the urinals to the stage, which is cool.

Check out some upcoming shows at Schimanski.

Where do you think the best concert venues in New York are? What’s your favorite spot in New York? Are you mad we completely ignored Manhattan? Yell at me on Twitter.

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