Halloween Rave Outfit

Looking to top your last Halloween rave outfit? It’s hard to stick out from the crowd, especially when it seems like everyone pursues the same idea. You’re in luck. We rounded up some seriously weird, wacky, out-of-this-world Halloween rave outfits. It’s time to gain some inspiration from concerts and raves past.

The Sparkly

The man in the mirror Halloween rave outfit
Rolling Stone | Burning Man 2013

The Man in the Mirror

If you get hot easily, this isn’t for you. If you’re superstitious, it’s probably not for you either, because ya know, the whole breaking-a-mirror-seven-years-bad-luck thing. Doesn’t make it look any less cool though.

the disco ball Halloween rave outfit

Disco Ball

This one is similar to the Man in the Mirror, but it shows a little bit more skin for those who are looking to be a little more flirty (and probably sweat less) this Halloween.

the mutant octopus Halloween rave outfit

Mutant Octopus

This one is for all the people who hate getting touched by strangers. It gives you your personal space without you seeming like a total dick for saying “please don’t sweat on me” to the dude dressed as Eleven from Stranger Things.

the fashion police Halloween rave outfit

The Fashion Police

See what I did there? You can cop the look here. Haha, did it again. Cop.

The Glamorous

neon demon Halloween rave outfit

Neon Demon

This chick knows what she’s doing with outfits, costume, makeup, etc. How does she do it? We’ll never know.

jungle pack Halloween rave outfit
Business Insider | Burning Man 2015

Jungle Pack

Anything with that much coordinated animal print and feathers is impressive. You don’t have to stick to one species either.

butterfly Halloween rave outfit
Vogue Germany | Burning Man 2015


Yeah, it’s simple but executed pretty flawlessly, so it made the list. It’s also low commitment, which is a huge plus.

The Weird

lumiere Halloween rave outfit
Hector Mata | AFP | Getty Images


Do you think this hurt to take off?

russian stacking dolls Halloween rave outfit
Business Insider | Burning Man 2015

Russian Nesting Dolls

It’s a modern take, but it works.

inbred cats Halloween rave outfit
Business Insider | Burning Man 2015

Inbred Cats

Everyone loves a good punchline.


cinderella Halloween rave outfit
Business Insider | Burning Man 2015


Dressing up as a Disney Princess is a classic. The only thing better than one Cinderella? An entire rave full of them.

The Hated

sad clown Halloween rave outfit

Sad Clown

Was this photo taken at the beginning of the night or the end? Nobody knows. Nobody cares. It’s still insane.

oogie boogie Halloween rave outfit

Oogie Boogie

If you dress like this at a rave, you can oogie boogie the hell away from me.

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