best people at concerts

After we put out the original “The 12 best people at concerts” piece, we heard from a lot of readers about who we missed. So today, after a thorough review of the comments, tweets, and shares, we’ve added the OTHER 12 to the list!

12 more best people at concerts!

  1. Quicker picker uppers… You just bit it in the mosh pit. You’re on the ground, scared, and surrounded by giants. But then, like beautiful surprise gift, a hand reaches down and lifts you up. Where there was darkness, they were light, and they’ve saved a fair share of the fallen.
  2. Wall-E… Another pit purveyor that we need to thank are the people on the outside of it. Creating a wall protecting those on the outside who don’t wanna be a part of the melee in the center. They’re the real heroes.
  3. Lighthousers… You know they’re a lighthouse, they know they’re a lighthouse, and before they post up, they turn around and become aware of their surroundings. They see you’re short, so they give you room to see the stage. We all look up to them.
  4. Powerlifter… This strong person makes sure that the surfers in the crowd can catch their wave. The strength that you have is respectable and the fact that you’ll help anyone get up there if they want (within reason) is to be cheered.
  5. Black Shirts… Can we all take a knee, team? Stagehands are often found in black shirts, quietly slipping through the crowd, backstage, and in the shadows. They make sure the event goes smoothly. They make sure everything goes to plan and if it’s not going to plan, they fix it. Give these stagehands a hand.
  6. Photoshoppers… Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of phonetographers out there who do a great job, but there’s nothing like waking up the day after a show and seeing professional’s photos from the show you were at. These pros capture our hearts.
  7. H2 Ohhhh rights… No doubt about it, you’re probably going to have a few adult beverages at the show, but these people remind you to grab a water periodically. They care for your hydration, and we care for them.
  8. Chosen Chariots… You can call them designated drivers, but that’s so old. I guess chariots are even older. Regardless, these people push aside their desire to drink to get you home safely. Pour one for them later, after they pour you into the passenger seat.
  9. Outfielders… We’ve already talked about security, but let’s double it up for the baseball players. You know the ones. They catch the crowd surfers once they make it to the front. If they weren’t there, many of us would quickly find out how hard the concrete floor is at the venue. We fall for them more every day.
  10. Shirt Slinger… Get your merch here! Get your brand new favorite merch here! Not only are you beautiful people usually the nicest at the show, but you hook us all up with the shirts we’re going to no-doubt wear all the time. Did I go to that show? Look at my shirt, bro… They’re truly the dressing on top.
  11. Hyper… No, not hyper like caffeine, hyper like “YOU GOTTA SEE THIS SHOW!” They tell you about upcoming concerts, they invite you, they introduce you to new bands, and they get you pumped about all of it. Hypers are basically the binoculars that let you see how great the future will be.
  12. Music Reviewers… This one is pretty straight-forward. They go to the shows and then when they get home, they write up what went down. If you went too, you remember it all. If you didn’t go, you decide to go next time, or not. They have the “write stuff.”

Okay, so now we’re up to the 24 best people at concerts… are we missing anyone else? Tell us on Twitter and we’ll see if the other, other 12 best people at concerts are necessary!