A Prolific Man

Ty Segall is at it again. A few days ago, he digitally released a new EP called Fried Shallots (vinyl coming later in the month), much to the ‘sort-of’ surprise of most people. It was a surprise in the sense that we didn’t know it was coming out, but not a surprise considering the nature of Ty Segall.

Ty Segall

He had already released two albums this year — a self-titled LP in January and A Sentimental Goblin (EP) in March. He has always been very active, but this one still flew under the radar.

Why did he release this EP? Well typically, the answer would be that he loves what he does. It’s fairly evident that Ty Segall is a lover of music and an avid writer and player of music. In this case though, the album was released because of his love for… us.

A Prolific Cause

All proceeds from this album go to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Without going into too much detail, it’s easy for me to say that the ACLU has become a bit more important, in say, the last six months or so…

“Big Man” is the lone song currently available to stream, but the album only costs $5 — hardly a heavy fee for a charitable cause. One thing we know is that Ty Segall has a high floor. He cranks out multiple albums per year with mostly good turnouts. Buying this album is hardly a risk.

Buy Fried Shallots by Ty Segall now!

This album appears to be a compilation to some degree. Maybe Segall threw it together last minute as purely a charity release, which is awesome in its own right. Maybe he had planned to release it, just not at this point. It doesn’t matter, whatever the case, this album represents something we could all use right now: a sense of hope.

Buy into hope, buy into the ACLU, and buy this album. It’s important that we all buy-in, and this is an easy place to start.

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