One of the best things about music is how versatile it can be.

People from all areas of sound can come together and create something completely new, something completely fresh. There are some collaborations in this world that work so well, you wonder if gods themselves came down and brought these people together. You know Treasure Fingers from his releases on Fool’s Gold, always coming out with a song that hits the spot.

Well once upon a time, Treasure Fingers met Bosco in the magical city of Atlanta, threw down some beats for her, and she went absolutely wild.

They created a song called “Names” and changed the game completely. With his drum kicks and disco and house influences, plus her beautiful vocals turned delightfully aggressive and bossy, they were able to make a track that brings out the hip hop moves in you that you had no idea you could do.

We were able to catch up with them during our Fool’s Gold party at the Saguaro hotel in Palm Springs during Coachella, right after they played an awesome set for everyone dancing around the pool. We chatted about debuting tracks at Coachella, living in Atlanta, collaborations and EP’s. We also spoke about a remix Treasure Fingers did with Ghosts of Venice that was released yesterday, that you can listen to right here.

How did you two link up, and how did “Names” come about?

Treasure Fingers: We actually met through [the owner of] Fresh I Am, a fashion label based out of Atlanta, and I went into the office one day and we were kicking it together, and he mentioned Bosco, asked if I knew her, I said “no” and he was just like “yeah she’s dope you gotta meet her”. Then he told her she had to meet me, and linked us up. Then we jumped in the studio and I played a bunch of beats for her, we were kind of vibing with some stuff and, yeah I don’t know, she just went wild with it.

So then you’re both from Atlanta?

Bosco: Yep we both are.

I know that you’ve been with Fool’s Gold for a while, but how did you originally link up with them?

TF: That was like back in the MySpace days, and it’s a funny story. I had given “Cross the Dancefloor” to this local blogger in Atlanta, he posted it, and told me that it was sort of going viral and all these other blogs were picking it up.

So I kind of started getting DJ bookings, and Craze, who I knew from my drum and bass days, way back in the day before I started Treasure Fingers and he wanted to license it for some big mix compilation, and from there, A-trak heard it from him or blogs or something and A-trak sent me a message on MySpace. And I had gotten messages from A-Trak before, usually about promoting Fools Gold parties or something non-personal, so I thought it was spam at first, but I opened it and he was like “hey I heard your song, I run a label called Fool’s Gold, don’t know if you’re interested in working together.”

So of course i knew them because Kid Sister and that Crookers remix was smashing right then, and obviously I knew A-trak from …just being an influence. He won the DMC at 15 so – but yeah a myspace message, we did some contracts and have been working ever since.

You guys just premiered a track at Coachella right, how’d it go?

B: Awesome. The crowd had such a high energy, and the track starts with these drums that just pull you right in. We just wanted to make a track that was just as tight as “Names” which grabs you in the first couple seconds, so we went to the studio, and we were like “lets make a “Names” squared” and we got in there maybe two weeks ago,

TF: It’s not even done yet to be honest.

B: We are just testing it, and typically TF tests the track out in a set, but this time we both took it out first, and i was like ‘yooo this is going ape shit’, and I had the dancers up and they thought it was so tight.

TF: What’s cool with it, is that with most songs, they need to be out ahead of time and people have to be familiar with it, and then when we play it, people already know it, so it’s REALLY cool to see people have such a good response to something that is so brand new and something they had never heard.

Bosco, tell me a bit about what your next couple of months look like, any projects or collaborations underway?

B: Actually I have a project thats coming out on Fool’s Gold, and how that happened was because of this awesome guy right here (points to Treasure Fingers) and yeah now I’m signed with Fool’s Gold. Me and AJ knew the track was good, but then everyone gravitated towards it, and yeah.

I’m doing two EPs with them this year, “Boy” on May 19th and one at the end of the year. And we realized people really fuck with what we’re doing so TF and I are talking about doing some more collaborations. And since the demand is there, and we would do more dance tracks..we’re thinking we might do a side project where we just pump out tracks.

Now TF, you just did a song with Ghosts of Venice, how did you link up with him and when can we see that?

TF: Uhm, we kind of knew each other from the interment cause we were early adopters of new disco or disco house or whatever and we’ve always been friends, and I think I met him in Amsterdam at ADE one year, and we were just fucking around jumping through parties and we became better friends. And then later on, he sent me a track and was like “yo do you wanna work on this” and it was some proper old school UK straight up 1991 UK warehouse rave type shit, and I jumped on it and liked it a lot. But it was too authentic, so it was hard to fit into my set because I’m playing modern club music, and so I actually ended up doing a club remix so I could play it. He did this crazy 90’s video to it, and he sent it over to me and its like..bright visors and silly fashion but, I don’t know, its poppin’ to me, so. But that is out April 28th.

I heard a rumor you are starting a label, are you allowed to talk about that a bit?

TF[laughs] Yes you can! I’m starting a label called Psycho Disco. I’m obviously still messing with Fool’s Gold and releasing through them and with Bosco, but I felt like I needed this outlet for myself so that i had 100% control. If I wanted to put out something in a month, I could go to my studio and export it and have it up on iTunes and Beatport right away. I’ve always done illustration and design throughout the years, and that’s what I did before music, so it’s cool to have the art direction that I want. Just having full control of everything from art to mixing and  recording – it’s basically just being able to do whatever I want whenever I want to. So I was sitting there realizing the freedom other people had with their labels, and I was like “ I should just do the paperwork and make it happen”. We haven’t set a date for the release but I do have the first two tracks mastered and ready. So just planning it out. I’m gunna guess it’ll be out this summer, hopefully May or June.

Who is somebody who you both can’t stop listening to right now?

B: I am a big fan of Knowledge, hip hop bass beat maker who uses obscure samples , and I’m a diehard fan and have been for a while. I’ve also been listening to a lot of Future – he has the best melodies, he has the melodies on lock, he dropped three mixtapes all with one producer. But for aesthetics, I look to him for inspiration.

TF: Young Thug, 27 hours a day. It’s that Atlanta shit.