Okkervil River 🥒

“Okkervil River vocalist Will Sheff—much like The National’s Matt Berninger—has the kind of voice that, regardless of lyrics, conveys an inherent and infinite melancholy. That’s something that’s pervaded his entire body of work, whether in the forlorn and simple majesty of early Shearwater—the band he co-founded soon after Okkervil River and then left a few years later—or within the increasingly complex and ambitious compositions of Okkervil River.” – Under The Radar

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Tour dates:
Jul 10 – The Great Hall Events Venue, Toronto, CA
Jul 12 – Old Town School of Folk Music, Chicago, IL
Jul 15 – The Hamilton Live, Washington, DC
Jul 16 – World Cafe Live Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA
Jul 17 – City Winery, New York, NY
Jul 17 – City Winery, New York, NY

Lunar Vacation 🛷

“The evolving palette of sounds on Artificial Flavors—from buoyant synth lines to psychedelic vocal effects—delicately pulls the band into new territory less reliant on surf-pop orthodoxy, and more focused on an emotional resonance detached from genre.” – Immersive Atlanta

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Tour dates:
11 Jul – Satellite Bar Houston, TX
12 Jul – Paper Tiger San Antonio, TX
13 Jul – Stubb’s Indoors Austin, TX
14 Jul – Three Links Deep Ellum Dallas, TX
20 Jul – The Moroccan Lounge Los Angeles, CA
22 Jul – Cafe Du Nord Sf, CA
25 Jul – Lost Lake Lounge Denver, CO
24 Aug – Terminal West Atlanta, GA

The Chats 🍟

“Get This In Ya is the second EP released by The Chats, and it offers a quick look into the life of the Australian slacker teen, someone who is frustrated with the minor struggles of young adulthood. The immature, yet clever humor combined with the borrowed riffs of 1980’s West Coast US punk, paints a picture of what might just be a modern-day Beavis and Butthead. ” – Melted Magazine

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Tour dates:
Jul 11 – Paper Tiger, San Antonio, TX
Jul 12 – The North Door, Austin, TX
Jul 13 – Three Links Deep Ellum, Dallas, TX
Jul 15 – Subterranean, Chicago, IL
Jul 17 – Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY
Jul 19 – Union Stage, Washington, DC
Jul 20 – Kung Fu Necktie (All Ages), Philadelphia, PA
Jul 20 – Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia, PA

Divided Minds 🦐

“Mood Swings is a modern-day blast from the past. Everything in this collection of songs is great, with bouncy riffs, emotionally relate-able lyrics, and powerful vocals.” – National Rock Review

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Tour dates:
Jul 09 – Come and Take It Live, Austin, TX
Jul 16 – The Waypost, Portland, OR
Jul 17 – Funhouse, Seattle, WA
Jul 21 – Black Sheep, Colorado Springs, CO