Four Over Four got to chat with Stööki Sound on their new EP Ösiris and what’s to come in 2017.

Lets start with the EP. What was the thought process and the overall story behind Ösiris?

Our first E.P. was released four years ago so over the course of that time our sound has evolved a lot. We have spent time learning about production, and toured the world, and gained more experiences and influences. That’s where the name for the EP came from, Ösiris is the god of transition, resurrection and regeneration in Egyptian mythology. For us, this EP represents a new Stööki Sound, and marks the point at which we have matured and furthered our sound.

Grime is spreading quickly in the US with the support of major artists like Drake and Kanye West. Where do you see the genre going in the next year? How will Stööki Sound be a part of the movement on a global scale?

I think 2016 was the introduction of Grime to a lot of people globally and the co-signs definitely helped with it’s exposure. We are focused on doing our own thing. We will continue to develop our own sound, and travel and play to people around the world. We make music that is Grime influenced but not solely one genre. If people listen to our stuff and it makes them look around for other artists from the UK, then great.

One country you would like to perform in that you haven’t yet and why?

L – Brazil. Always wanted to go to the carnival in Rio so to be a part of the event as well would be amazing.

J – South Africa or Brazil

What songs have you noticed crowds really react to?

L – On the Ösiris tour: My G’s, Lagoon x It G Ma (Stööki Sound Edit), Uppers (Quix Remix)

J – My G’s, Endz
You recently released a remix of Rich Chigga’s “Who That Be”. Who are some emerging artists you want your fans to know about?

AJ Tracey, Nadia Rose, Santan Dave, Outlaw

What can we expect from your label Ö.N.E Worldwide in 2017 and what is a goal you would like to achieve with the platform?

Expect a lot of new music from artists affiliated with us and also new ones too. We want the releases to be organic and keep the label family orientated as it’s important to us that Ö.N.E is a platform for artists to release innovative music that pushes boundaries.

Check out Stööki Sound‘s new EP here:



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