The indie-rock genre is an interesting persuasion of music. The range is so broad, it hardly seems like it could fall into the category of a genre at all, as it seems to apply to most types of music. Indie-rock is particularly tricky because there are so many different routes one can take within the confines of this labeled umbrella; hazy, synthy, pop, emo… the list goes on. But to find a band that can make this genre entirely their own, integrating elements from all walks of life, and perfecting that sound, well, then you have a band worth writing about.

The Life and Times is a Chicago band that has taken the idea of indie rock and created something so entirely their own, you could recognize their chords from miles away. Their own brand of melodic, emotive haze transcends any formulaic process.

The Life and Times is like the ultimate mixed drink – you take the ethos of west coast psychedelia, add a bit of synth, a dash of hardened raw-rock, and then you slip in a little sprinkle of the spirit of Incubus pre-2005, and voila- you’ve got your new favorite band of all time. They’ve most recently released the “DOPPLEGANGERS” EP, which is a beautiful culmination of all the musical ideologies they represent.