If you don’t already know Saro, you should check his music now. Hailing from Los Angeles, artist Saro has continuously pushed boundaries in his art and music. The latest music video for his single “Looking” is a great example of his vision. Saro’s debut EP titled In Loving Memory is a deeply cathartic work exploring various stages of mourning and represents Saro’s first proper body of music.

Four Over Four had a few questions for this rising star. Here’s what he had to say.

What is a typical day for you like? Daily routine and must-do things to get your day going?

I’m an early bird. I’m usually up with the sun regardless of how late I stay up on Tumblr. In the morning I usually get on my phone to check the time and try not to get lost in phone world. I’m on email lists for about ten “Daily Poetry” websites so I try to read at least two poems every morning. Sometimes I get distracted by important emails or social media, but after reading poetry, I will usually be inspired to write–some chords, a song, a poem. I try to also work out daily, but often that doesn’t end up happening.

When was the first time you felt a song resonate with you and change the meaning of music?

The first thing that popped into my head was “This Charming Man” by the Smiths. The experience was the perfect storm of who I was with, where we were heading, and how relatable it all was. I then dove relentlessly into the Smiths discography which, for the first time, sparked something inside me that made me regard music as importantly therapeutic.

Recording your debut EP In Loving Memory completely solo, are there any artists you wish to work with in the future?

I love collaborating but had no urge to do it for In Loving Memory. Some of my dream collaborators are the Haxan Cloak, Lykke Li, Arca, and Jonna Lee.

To someone who’s never listened to your music, how would you describe it to them?

If Beyoncé had a twin brother who was given up for adoption.

You’ve mentioned in past interviews that visuals are very important to your music. Who or what are your inspirations in the visual creative direction?

Ren Hang (RIP) was my favorite photographer for years. I am inspired by his use of nudity and simplicity. My visuals have been greatly inspired by my love for the surrealism in video games and mythology.

Will you be performing new music at your SXSW shows?

Yeah, I’ve snuck two unreleased songs into the set. Very excited.

What can your fans expect in 2017 and any closing statements?

Fans!? You mean my mom? She can expect at least one more EP this year and a slew of visuals to go along with them. Also more shows here in the US and hopefully abroad.

x Saro

Saro will play several live shows this spring hitting SXSW 2017 as well as his debut LA headline show at KCRW’s ‘School Night.’ 

Fri, Mar 17, (10PM) // Austin, TX @ Main II (Ditto Music Showcase) (SXSW)
Sat, Mar 18, (7PM) // Austin, TX @ Toms Austin (Toms ‘We Are One’ Showcase) (SXSW)
Mon, Apr 10 // Los Angeles, CA @ Bardot (KCRW’s
‘School Night) (FREE w/RSVP)

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