Picture this. It’s a cool night in the city, and you have had enough of the week’s grind. You need some type of relief, but a relief that’s going to energize you as much as it’s going to de-stress you. What do you do, you ask? Why not stick in your earbuds, put on some glitch tinted dark electro, and go NUTS? Better yet, why don’t you see some in person? Jump, sweat, yell, and dance the week away? Come here, lean in, let us tell you something… YOU CAN! And NOISIA would be the perfect group to do it to if you can find them on tour.

If you aren’t familiar with the three musicians, let us introduce you. NOISIA’s sound is a fusion of drum n’ bass, neuro-funk, grime, deep, dark electro, and glitch power. They consist of three members Nik Roos, Martijn van Sonderen, and Thijs de Vlieger. They currently own three labels, Vision, Division, and Invisible Records, while also releasing their music on OWSLA, Mau5trap, and Roc Nation. NOISIA’s produced albums for films, rappers, and have a handful of their own EPs and full-length albums. They have also released an album under the moniker I Am Legion, which is their supergroup with British hip-hop group Foreign Beggars.

It’s music you get that last rep in the gym to, even if it kills you. It’s music that pulls out the badass inside of you and allows you to completely lose your mind without any repercussions or legal issues. NOISIA is for the ones who grew up on Trent Reznor’s illicit industrial, but love that special, glitch-infused electronic touch to it all.