Allow us to introduce k?d (pronounced “kid”), an up-and-coming producer born and raised in Miami. While he’s become known for his hit remixes (of Illenium, Porter Robinson, Justice… trust me, the list goes on and on), what you should really be listening to are the one-of-a-kind originals he’s producing.

After his tour with the Chainsmokers and before opening for Dada Life in New York, we had the opportunity to sit down with k?d and ask him a few questions.

Growing up in Miami, what was the music scene like? What did you listen to?

I listened to a lot of Steve Aoki, a lot of house music, hardstyle, etc.

When and why did you start producing music? Who are some of your influences?

I started when I was 14. I just always wanted to produce music, ever since I was in middle school. I never knew how, but before I started high school, I ran across a YouTube video of a random guy making a song. I downloaded a demo, then the very next day I had my mom buy the full program for me.

I always wanted to make music. I went to band class. After that I had a little roll-up keyboard, and I would learn piano on that. Then my parent’s friend ended up moving to Poland, so I got a [real] keyboard from him. Once I started learning production, I pretty much dropped instruments and went in full time making music.

Your brand and art image is very manga influenced, who makes them?

I do.

Speaking of which, do you have a favorite manga or anime?

I can’t really have a favorite, but I would have to chose between Neon Genesis, Cowboy Bebop, and One Piece.


You recently finished a US tour with the Chainsmokers, how did it feel to tour with the simultaneously most hated and loved electronic duo in the game?

I don’t know why people hate them so much. I just really don’t get it. They make music that the majority of people love, that’s not hurting anyone. They put out music that people enjoy, how does it negatively affect you?

There’s no reason to hate them. They make music that makes people feel good. I’ve met them, they’re quite humble. They’re the nicest guys I’ve ever met. The tour with them was super fun.

What were some important things you learned while on tour?

Always poop before your set.

And the best moment of your tour?

I haven’t really been touring that much. I just started, so I can’t really say. Best moment so far? I’d say it had to be at the Roxy. I brought in my own production for the first time ever, and the crowd was great. Brownies and Lemonade is always fun to play because the crowd is the most intense crowd ever.

Do you have a post show ritual?

Just sleep. I’m tired pretty much 24/7.  I’m always working on music or my mix or drawing, so after a show I sleep as much as I can.

Can you tell us a bit about what you have planned for 2017? New music / tour?

We have a lot planned. Everything is moving a lot faster than I ever thought it would. Even when I got into production, my managers told me, “This stuff is moving really fast.” It’s hard to keep up. We have a lot of new music planned, including an EP and mayyyyybe a bus tour in 2018?

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