Lucky Peterson

Lucky Peterson, age 5The aptly named Lucky Peterson released his first album at the age of five. Yes, five.

Not long after that, he appeared on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and The Ed Sullivan Show. Move over, Michael Jackson.

He started as a multi-instrumental child prodigy. Today, many years later, after a few growth spurts and a deepened voice, Lucky Peterson is still going strong.

His fingers still gracefully pour feeling into the strings of his guitar. His voice is deeper and has more depth. There’s more experience, more time, more everything behind it.

With age comes emotional depth, and with emotional depth comes great blues music. There’s a difference between moving your fingers with your brain and moving them with your heart. Lucky connects his heart to his guitar through his hands.

Lucky Peterson

He is still a masterful musician with plenty left to create. That’s obvious when listening to his last few albums.

His last album, Long Nights, came out last year. Evident, on this album more than ever, is Lucky Peterson’s versatility as a musician.

And, at the still-not-so-old age of 52, Lucky Peterson is still a master on guitar and organ, and his live performances are as smooth as ever.

Peterson is still touring all over the world. Originally from Buffalo, NY, he now resides in the Dallas area, and regularly treats his neighbors to the skills that brought him to the spotlight over 40 years ago.

His next Dallas performance comes at the end of this week.

See him this Friday, June 23rd:

Granada Theater
3524 Greenville Avenue
Dallas, TX

The easiest way to shake off the heat is to relax this Friday and listen to the sincerity that rings from Lucky Peterson’s fingers.

He’s been lucky for a long time. He’s been Lucky for even longer.

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