King Lil G is a Mexican-American who grew up in the same South Central LA neighborhoods that were once (and are still) ruled by rap legends like NWA, Snoop Dogg, 2Pac, etc. His style is very much similar to them, while addressing the viewpoint of a Mexican community living in southern California.

Storytelling has always been at the core of rap, and King Lil G weaves complicated tales of joy, melancholy, and temptation as his lyrics float through the streets of Los Angeles. He tells tales of his life and the lives he encounters. Even with the deep sentimentality in his stories, King Lil G still delivers it with a hard hitting, unsentimental style that conveys a hardening to realities of life in South Central LA communities.

There’s no denying King Lil G his credentials. There are so many Mexican communities that grew up adjacent to the black communities that classic gangsta rap acts constantly write about, and King Lil G helps shed light on his own community and their experiences in a similar verbiage and style that he makes uniquely his own. Also, it’s just some great music.

He’s bringing his story now to a community that also has strong roots in rap with a Southern flavor, Houston. Catch him at the Studio at Warehouse Live on Sunday, May 14th (after you fulfill your Mother’s Day obligations, of course).

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