Four Over Four had the opportunity to speak to Swedish artist Sandro Cavazza before his third single as well as self-titled debut EP dropped today.

You might recognize Sandro’s vocals and influence from his past collaborations with Avicii and Lost Frequencies, but his work as a solo artist is what he should truly be appreciated for.

His latest single has strong, raw vocals mixed with a minimal tropical house beat, and it is almost guaranteed to become your summer 2017 anthem.

You can listen to his single and debut EP here:

Watch our interview with Sandro below, where he speaks about the inspiration behind his album, and make sure to read the extended interview below.

What does love mean to you?

That’s a hard question. Love is the most powerful emotion you can have. I mean it’s more powerful than hate because we can overcome hate, and I think it’s so two-faced. It’s such a double emotion; you can get hurt by loving and you can just get such a wide range of emotions out of love.

It’s probably the best feeling in the world and I try to live my life with as much of that as possible.

Tell us a bit about your self titled debut EP.

There’s so many aspects of this EP and how it came about, all the stories from my life and all the emotions that I have felt make a powerful story.

The song ‘So Much Better’ for instance is about how I’m trying to move on. Writing the song came about just being a top line and it just had a flow, then out came the most honest lyric I’ve probably written in a while.

What’s the story behind it?

The story behind this EP starts when I was a kid writing my first song. I think that’s that’s the first milestone. Then we flash forward to two years ago, when I got into the studio with a producer and songwriters that I’ve been so happy to work with on this EP.

It’s been great just being able to express these past years, my own experiences from everything from breakups to makeups to just being a man in the growing up in the western world. This EP has a wide range of emotions that I hope people can really tap into.

Who’s on the list of artists you’d like to collaborate with?

Who’s not on the list? I love working with inspired people and inspired artists, big or up-and-coming, it doesn’t matter. I really love making music with whoever wants to make a good song.

Of course there are some people I would die to work with, some childhood heroes like Sting and Stevie Wonder. If they called me up, I would never say no. I’m not going to lie. But, you know, I’d also be excited about fantastic songwriters like Ed Sheeran or Zach Abel, just because his voice is phenomenal.  I think that’s one of my dream collaborations.

Can we expect a tour in 2017?

It’s a dream to go on tour. I have a fantastic band full of my friends. We’re a family. It’s going to be a dream when we go through Europe and the world to visit all the towns where you guys live and just play for you guys. And, of course, have a wonderful party afterwards. It will be amazing. I’m gonna start this summer slowly by playing some shows here and there. I’m going to keep juggling songwriting at the same time, so hopefully I get some inspiration from those gigs.

I hope we see each other down the road.

Extended Bonus Interview

As a Swedish native, how did the music scene in Sweden help shape who you are today as an artist?

Unlike LA or London there are very few open mics in Stockholm for unsigned artists, so I used to jam in the back of the subway cars on a Friday, it was great fun. The Swedish pop influenced me a lot of course, I really got obsessed with pop-songs and melodies when I was younger.

What is the most impactful memory you have from your childhood?

Oh wow, big question. I take it you mean musically.

I remember when me and my friend were on the swings, singing Red Hot Chili Pepper songs for HOURS. We were around 7 at the time ”Californication” was released.

You’ve gone through some serious health issues, personally and with family. Would you say this has influenced your music in a significant way?

It was what eventually got me into songwriting so of course it played a major part. I just needed to get all the emotions out after what I had been through.

Having toured with Allen Stone, what are some of the best memories you have from the tour and the most important thing you learned while on the road?

Allen Stone is the definition of humble and he taught me how to show respect to fans, I mean he stood and greeted every single member of the audience, after every show. It was incredible.

Any closing statements?

Glad to finally release this EP and I hope that people will enjoy my music.

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