joe mansman

Joe Mansman and The Midnight Revival Band are a stark reminder of what rock and roll can be. Joe Mansman, Alex Mansman, Chris Becker, Tory Pelosi, and Jesse Ordansky combine attitude, swagger, colossal guitar solos, and boisterous lyrics into a crucible of classic rock, glam rock, blues, Americana, and rockabilly.

The setting of their newest music video for the single “Revels” is a condemned Masonic Temple in their hometown of Hudson Falls, NY. The band rents it out as a rehearsal space and office, but it’s off-limits to the public. This is also where their last record, Bastard was recorded.

The video’s inspiration comes from the band’s forthcoming EP, Wolves Among Sheep (release date TBA). It’s a concept album of sorts and carries a Jim Jones-type theme involving false prophets, mixed messages, betrayal, and religious undertones. The video concept was chosen to help give a visual to these ideas.

And without further ado, here’s the premiere of “Revels”!

Fun Facts: 

  • The snake was real. Matt, one of the congregation members has a snake collection and brought one out to complete the idea of a weird cult. The snake was slightly strangling him and that’s why he couldn’t fall to the floor like everyone else or it would have made it worse.
  • The video was shot three days after Alex returned from his honeymoon in Puerto Rico.
  • Alex’s wife is also the only person to have appeared in all of the band’s music videos.

Their new EP Wolves Among Sheep promises to showcase the group at it’s finest, employing a rich and dynamic change in pace that ethereally serves dramatic and memorable vocal hooks over a soaring landscape of guitars and keys, carefully weaving their way in and out of your soul like a fiery sermon. Their live shows take no shortcuts either. The band’s riveting presence captures the room, and before long they have you nodding in accord saying, “Long live rock and roll.”

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