Alvarez Kings

If you were not at Knitting Factory in Brooklyn on Tuesday, you missed an incredible night of music. Each of the three bands brought something special to the show and completely different sounds that you’ll see and hear below.

OPENING BAND: The Happy Fits

Being the opening band is hard. Like, really hard. But these guys straight up blew me away. Not only do they have three lead singers (you read that right), but they’ve got a cello player as their bass!

With a new spin on an old school feel, they’re somewhere between indie rock, ’50s pop, and rock-a-billy. It also doesn’t hurt at all that they’re the happiest band I’ve ever seen perform. It’s infectious, in the best of ways.

And on top of all of that, they’re incredibly good guys, using their music to raise money for numerous charities, including Safe in Hunterdon, The Family Promise of Hunterdon, The Mental Health Association of NYC, and the American Cancer Society. Super excited to see where they go.


Band number twooooo! Another three piece but a completely different world of tunes. With a sound somewhere between pop, rock, electronic, and alt-rock, they have a lil’ something that everyone can grab onto.

Their stage presence is incredible, the songs are tight, and they just make it look so easy while they’re up there. They just released their first full-length album in April, and the song “Ain’t Gonna Happen” already has over 650k streams on Spotify. If you haven’t heard them yet, you should. I’ll wait…

HEADLINER: Alvarez Kings

And now, for the main event! I’m not gonna sugarcoat this one. I love this band. As you can see from the video below, I wasn’t trying to enjoy the show from afar for these guys, I was almost ON the stage (sorry Simon…).

Since first hearing their song “Sleepwalking, Pt. II,” it’s been on repeat on every commute I’ve been on. With a sound that floats “somewhere between” a darker The 1975 and a lighter Twin Wild, these guys just make fantastic electro-pop/rock music. Watch the video below, find ’em on Spotify, and if you can, go see them wherever you are! They’re currently on a 27 stop tour across the US.

See Alvarez Kings on their Somewhere Between tour with Jukely!

July 6th in Atlanta – Purgatory at Masquerade

July 11th in Denver – Lost Lake

July 14th in LA – The Hi Hat

July 16th in San Francisco – DNA Lounge

July 19th in Seattle – Funhouse Lounge – El Corazon

Alvarez Kings tour poster

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