Today, it’s 2017. But come Saturday in Dallas, it’ll be the ’80s again. On that night, the Granada Theater will be presenting three tribute bands called Heartbyrne (Talking Heads tribute), Panic (The Smiths tribute), and Depeshi (Depeche Mode tribute).

It’ll be a sweaty July night. Not because it’s the summer, but because you may be in for a night of cardio. The ’80s groove is back in town.

Heartbyrne is a Talking Heads tribute band from Austin. There’s nothing quite like watching live performances of the Talking Heads in their prime, and for a lot of us, Heartbyrne is as close as we’ll ever be able to get. Live Talking Heads performances went well beyond music.

Stop Making Sense is a concert film often used as visual evidence for what the Talking Heads were. They were the epitome of on-stage presence. One might even say that they exceeded presence. It’s one thing to have a bulb, but it’s another thing to light that bulb. Lighting the bulb takes electricity, and the Talking Heads were oozing electricity in the ’80s.

Talking Head's Stop Making Sense

I’ll be honest, watching the Talking Heads play live is something I do fairly often, online, of course. Watching David Byrne run in place out of sheer and true involvement in his own music is something that is hard to match. Music becomes more absorbable when the artist clearly is absorbed in what they’re doing.

That being said, Heartbyrne’s commitment to the music of the Talking Heads could only be surpassed by Byrne himself.

Heartbyrne does a great justice to Byrne and the Talking Heads. While an attempt to live up to Stop Making Sense seems grandiose in nature, Heartbyrne is merely getting lost in the same groove that made Byrne run like a wild person on stage many years ago.

Heartbyrne plays this Saturday:

July 15 | Granada Theater | 3524 Greenville Avenue, Dallas, TX


Doors open at 8 PM. If I were you, I’d run on down to Houston to see this show. When you get there, don’t stop running, just stop moving.

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