Every so often, a duo of producers joins forces to create an epic, dubstep-infused glitch bomb that sounds like it should be playing behind Optimus Prime as he’s transforming. And for this, we thank you Impossible Records, ill.GATES, and KJ Sawka.

Today, we will educate you about ill.GATES and KJ Sawka. ill.GATES is an Ableton master, teacher, and extreme bass heavy producer and DJ. He is known and highly regarded for his collaborations with Bassnectar and other deep, electronic bass artists. KJ Sawka is a member of the legendary Australian and British drum n’ bass group Pendulum, and also a member of DESTROID. We think it’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about injecting his crowds with infectious beats.

Luckily for us, we have two different producers with hyped up bass-infused electro who’ve decided to tour back to back (or, b2b, as we say in the music world) and sonically destroy any venue they set foot in. Again, this isn’t for someone looking to concert and chill, this is quite literally for the thick-skinned bass heads who are fixin’ to get a little crazy.

The Tunes

Just listen to this beast of an original mix, Unsung Heroes, from back in 2015 to get a hint of what these two are capable of. It’s also got remixes by Architekt and SugarBeats and Calysta Cheyenne if you want to keep the party going.

While the two haven’t released anything else together since, they’re very much still deep in the music world. ill.GATES can be found touring worldwide with everyone from Prismatic to Rekoil to BASSNECTAR. And KJ Sawka is on fire with his solo work, a drummer for Destroid and Pendulum, and bossman over at Impossible Records. No matter what you need, these two are unstoppable together or apart.