Grabbitz grabbed (pun intended) the attention of the public when he released a vocal edit of Deadmau5′s song “Silent Picture” and the almighty don of electronic himself found it. He then produced an EP titled “Friends” and released it through our good friends, Monstercat.

Grabbitz, aka Nick Chiari, is one of those producers who is a real musician. Aside from being at the forefront of every single sound you hear in his production, he is solely dedicated to his sound and to his listeners. Grabbitz adds all the live elements of the guitar, drums, and piano in himself, all of which he is self-taughtHe doesn’t sit down and create what he thinks is on the EDM curve, he creates the music he loves with long-lasting soundscapes that cradle meticulous vocals. He’s been referred to as a mix between Deadmau5 and Skrillex, and we don’t disagree. The only thing we might add is that Grabbitz is a unique musician, who’s about to shake up the dance game.

The Albums

In 2015 he put out the seven-track, Better With Time. It’s a journey that takes you through contemporary classical, minimal drum n’ bass, and melodic, emotional glitch-infused electro.

His most recent album, Things Change, came out in 2017 and proves his evolution is right on track. The twelve-track album shows where he’s going with almost a closer connection with pop and rock than electronic. It’s a sound you can’t nail down, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

We’re super excited to see where he goes in the future. And if his most recent release, the single My Cloud in early 2018, has anything to do with it, it’s going to be a glorious trip. Check it out here: