Felix Cartal Jukely Mix Sessions

Welcome to the new Jukely Mix Sessions series. Every two weeks, we’ll be presenting the best and brightest emerging talent in electronic music. First up, Felix Cartal:

As you know, Felix Cartal has continued to perfect and grow his musical stylings since his beginnings in 2009 with his bloghaus productions. His tour is about to kick off, but before he takes off, he spoke to us about his plans for the upcoming year and brought us the very first edition of Jukely Mix Sessions.

Growing up in Canada, what was the music scene like? What was the first show you attended?

I was very much involved in the punk and hardcore/post-hardcore scenes. Some of my earliest memories were bands like The Witness Protection Program, The Blood Brothers, and Death From Above.

Favorite thing to do when you’re not producing or on tour?

Trying new foods, I’ll literally try anything once. And biking.

What’s your favorite city you’ve traveled to and do you have a wish list of places you would like to play in the future?

I loved playing in Tokyo and Seoul. Also, South Africa and Kenya were very surreal. I never thought my music would take me places like that. I’d love to explore more of China and do cities outside of Beijing as well as some more of the Nordic countries, specifically Iceland

You recently released your 200th episode of “The Weekend Workout” mix series, can you tell us about the process in making these mixes? What are some notable tracks you’ve discovered through the series?

They are always constantly evolving and being updated with a mix of what I play in my sets, as well I what I like to hear when I’m out. I try to keep it a bit higher energy than my every day listening as well.

As for notable tracks, it’s hard. I’ve had the honor of hosting some notable guest mixes throughout the years, including people who have gone to do great things in the scene.

If you had to chose one song, what’s the best track to work out to?

Anything with a really long build, so it keeps you going. Something like Len Faki’s remix of “Stranger to Stability.”

Can you tell us a bit about the next album you’re working on?

It’s a really personal record. I had to scrap an entire album and start over again because the first one just didn’t feel like me. A few of my most recent singles are hints as to what it will be like. I think the lyrics and moods are very genuine to me, and it will be different from a typical “dance” album.

Will you be testing out some unreleased tracks on your upcoming tour?

Yes, so many! It’s actually great timing because I have lots of things that need to be floor-tested before they make the final cut on my album.

Make sure to catch Felix Cartal on tour:

Felix Cartal tour poster

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