Chicago, of all places, has the bleakest weather in the winter. Luckily for everyone who lives there, you can almost always step outside, turn the corner, and encounter a brand-spankin’-new artist that will take you away on a sonic escape. One of these artists is Owen Ashworth, aka Advance Base.

Advance Base could be the love child of Radical Face and William Fitzsimmons, who may have been nannied by Elvis Depressedly in his early years. His sound is evocative, passionate, honest, and if nothing else, it feels as though a warm musical blanket has wrapped you up and is now rocking you by the fire. Ahh. There, there.

If you had to go to a show alone, trust me, this is the one to go to. He produces a sound that somehow hits different emotional chords inside of you from the areas you haven’t tapped into for a while.

But if you don’t want to take our word for it and you opt for Google, the seemingly consistent vernacular used to describe his sound would be “depressed”, “sad”, or “melancholic”. While all of the above vocabulary used to explain his certain sound isn’t necessarily wrong, it isn’t necessarily this depressingly specific either.