Blood Lines Vol. II Impossible Records Warpaint Records

You may remember when we helped premiere the compilation album Blood Lines Vol. I last year with Warpaint Records and Impossible Records. It was so successful that they’re back with Blood Lines Vol. II now!

The new album builds on what the first one started. Both labels are hotbeds for emerging talent in the electronic music scene, so it’s no surprise that this compilation serves as another great showcase for the next big thing coming in the genre. When paired with some of the veterans releasing new music, you get a compilation of epic proportions (literally in many ways, this release is double the size of the last one).

Listen to the album or download it here.

We also caught up again with label heads KJ Sawka of Impossible Records and Kris Ware of Warpaint Records ahead of the release to discuss it and what they envision for it going forward.

You guys are back with another compilation! What made you decide to move forward with Vol. II?

KJ Sawka: Kris and I have been wanting to collaborate more in many ways. Blood Lines Vol. II is a continued step in that direction. There are so many talented producers sending us tunes every day and our veterans have continued to build their catalogs. Blood Lines Vol. II features their hard work side by side.

Kris Ware: Working with KJ and all the talented artists from both Impossible and Warpaint Records is always a pleasure and it was a no-brainer that we would continue our alliance with Blood Lines Vol. II to showcase all the talent from the underground and those rising stars in the bass music scene alike.

How was the response to the first one?

KJ: Very good, it made a very big impact on the bass scene and especially the up-and-coming producer scene which is more important than ever before.

Kris: We couldn’t have been happier with the response to Vol. I, as it allowed us to showcase an entirely new concept by creating an extended family of not just artists but labels joining forces to bring forth the best the scene has to offer.

Was there anything you learned from the last one that you applied to this one?

KJ: Even though we have so many prolific producers and a solid team, getting a large group of people to hit the deadlines can be tricky and proved a task in itself.

Kris: I have to agree with KJ that organizing this large of a release with so many producers was tricky last time and this time around implementing more strict deadlines and keeping in close contact with everyone proved to make the process a lot smoother even with this edition having twice as many songs.

What are some highlights from this one that people should listen for?

KJ: Ah, there are so many. Stratus crushed his tune “Evil.” I was very happy to do my first collab with Ahee. I’m glad we got Kris Cayden on here, I’ve been wanting to release something from him for a long time. And it’s good to have Blaqout release with us again. Too many to count!

Kris: There’s far too many to hone in any one, but Noya’s tune “Engage” is a non-stop bass pumping ride through space. Pretty excited for Big N Slim & Notixx to join us for this edition, as this is their first time releasing with either label. And proud to have back all the usual suspects from both labels that continue to come correct time and again from Super Square with their ballad, Coma to Venon with his heavy hitting tune, “Deathless,” and so many more; we cannot wait to unleash this beast on the world.

What are the plans for the future for both labels? Vol. III?

KJ: Many things. 🙂

Kris: We have so much amazing music, storied concepts, and much more in store for the rest of this year and well into next year, especially more collaborations between Impossible & Warpaint Records. Vol. III, well, you’ll just have to wait and see…