Despite his recent acclaim in the wider music world, this London based artist is, by no means, a newcomer to the dance scene. Since his first EP in 2013, Billon‘s releases have been consistent to his roots of UK house and garage influences. Fast forward to today, he has a collaboration with the legendary producer Todd Edwards and multiple releases to his name under one of dance music prestigious labels, Ultra Records.

We had the chance to ask Billon a few questions about his music and a get a sneak peek of what he has planned for 2017.

Check out his exclusive Jukely Mix Session here:

Who is Billon?

Billon is me, Ed Butler. I’m a producer based in North London. I produce all sorts of music but I’m most known for making house/garage/techno influenced music. I also do a weekly mix show on Kiss Fresh.

What did you listen to growing up and how did that lead to producing music?

Some artists that spring to mind are The Doors, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Massive Attack, Portishead, that was all stuff my folks introduced me to. A family friend was a DJ and introduced me to house and techno at a very young age, like eight years old. Tracks like Mr Fingers “Can You Feel It” had a lasting influence on me.

One of my best mates had older brothers who were all into music. They had a studio in their house, so I was able to start messing around with logic when I was around 14.

Name one artist you’d love to collaborate with and why?

Pharrell, or all the original members of Jamiroquai, because of the amazing chords and melody.

What’s your take on UK garage and UK house influences spreading throughout the American electronic music scene?

People being influenced by different movements and genres is what makes music interesting, different, and makes people push boundaries, so I think it’s great.

Best moment you’d had so far at a gig or while on tour?

Touring America was an amazing experience. I’ve done two tours out there so far. Playing at Beyond Wonderland in San Jose was really special.

Billon at Beyond Wonderland

One song or album you have on repeat at the moment?

Love what I’ve heard from Farr, especially their track “Blades.”

Lastly, what can we expect in 2017?

Can’t wait for people to hear the new Billon releases I have coming this year. I’ve got a track called “One that I Want” coming very soon and a new collaboration with Todd Edwards that I’m really excited about. I’m also keen to put out a new EP after the summer.

Thanks for listening and hold tight for new music!

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