Big Wild is one of the rising stars of ODESZA‘s Foreign Family Collective, and in this interview, he explains the origins of his unique style, and shares his plans and aspirations for 2017.

How did you discover electronic music?

A desire to make different music outside of hip hop instrumentals first lead me to really discover electronic music. That desire manifested into a lot of experimentation with different elements and styles or production. I then started to get really into Soundcloud when it was still relatively new, and I drew a lot of inspiration from fellow producers. Music on Soundcloud really helped me understand how I could make music that stood on it’s own, without the need for a vocalist.

I always view myself as a student, so my discovery of electronic music and music in general continues to this day.

You recently released the video for “Invincible”; what’s the story behind it?

We wanted to tell a simple and relatable story about becoming “invincible.” The video tells a story of overcoming a challenge in life, whether it be with a particular person, a situation or with oneself. We used surreal imagery to blur the lines between real and fantasy. Was this an actual challenge or an obstacle put in place by the lead character? We leave that decision up to the viewer, but I’m really happy with how it turned out.

How has being a part of Foreign Family Collective helped you develop as an artist?

Having a close relationship with Clay and Harrison, as well as everyone else with the label, has been really helpful for me. I’m able to run my ideas by people whose opinions I value a lot, as well as get advice on everything from songwriting, all the way to branding. I can be scatterbrained with music and they often help hone my ideas together into a vision.

Since your career has taken off, what is something you’ve discovered about yourself?

One thing I’ve discovered is my career never feels like it’s “taken off.” I always view it as a constant work in progress and development. Part of this is because I can focus too much on the next step. Lately I’ve been working to focus more on the current moment and appreciate it. Life is too short to not appreciate the present.

Which show has been the most special to you so far?

Playing at Red Rocks last summer opening for Odesza. Beautiful venue and a beautiful night. The show was a big milestone for me and it was truly a great experience being on that stage.

You have done so many remixes, so this one might be tough, but of all of them, do you have a favorite?

My remix of Hundred Waters’ “Show Me Love.”


It was a song I really enjoyed, and I wanted to remix it after hearing it for the first time. The lyrics really resonated with me and when I think back on making it, I remember my first time seeing the Pacific Northwest on tour. Spending time on the van and in friends houses in Portland and Seattle piecing it all together. It was a really fun time for me.

Outside of your music career, what are your goals for 2017?

Educating and inspiring people. If I can achieve that in life I’ll be happy. So far music has been that conduit for me but who knows what the future brings.

Musically, what’s popping in the new year? 

New music and a new live show. I’m very excited for this year, to say the least. That’s under wraps for now, but in the meanwhile, I’ve got the new Childish Gambino album on repeat, and I want to wish everyone a happy holidays!