Austin, Texas: Home of SXSW, the best tacos in the US of A, and probably some of the friendliest people west of the Mississippi. But if Austin is known for one thing, it’s hands down their music scene. More specifically, the musicians that are born in the city.

Meet Cowboy Diplomacy, one of Austin’s most recent up-and-coming bands.

They’ve only been together for a year, but they play like they’ve been together forever. Their sound is a mix between raw western blues and indie folk-rock, with a vocalist who sounds something like if Darius Rucker had grown up in the midwest and smoked a pack of reds every week. There’s a husky, raw, masculine southern charm about it that stands out far from the typical sea of up-and-coming musicians.

Cowboy Diplomacy’s genuinely authentic sound is only further enhanced by their pure, raw emotion that emanates from each one of them and permeates the crowd during every single song.

Cowboy Diplomacy is only just beginning, but have garnered the attention of renown musicians with their addictive, cozy sound. Their most recent single “Follow Me” was mastered by Howie Weinberg (The Wild Feathers, Wilco, Spoon).

Cowboy Diplomacy can be found playing multiple shows each week, including weekly residencies at Handlebar + San Jac Saloon, and have garnered and solid fanbase because of their local endeavors.

Keep an eye out, hopefully you, too can experience the charm that is Cowboy Diplomacy.