Is this the second coming of Bob Dylan (except understandable and less frog-like)? Too harsh?

Still maybe.

If you’ve been in the DC or Nashville scene, this guy is not new. His first EP was released way back in 2005. Although he did have a major setback in 2007 after injuring his vocal cords and took almost two years to recover and regain his voice.

Lead singer Vince Scheuerman is bringing his own style of acoustic guitar, piano, strings, organ, and vocals that tell the story of overcoming pain and getting through obstacles.

Army of Me Searching for You album coverHis newest record Searching For You was released back in 2013, but the songs hit as hard now, if not harder, as the day they came out. Take a listen to “White Flag Flies,” “Walk in the Dark,” or “Modern Times” to understand how he touches all the feels your body will allow. Listening to it more, he’s almost got a Conor Oberst (lead singer of Bright Eyes) feel, but with a light at the end of the tunnel.

So, what’s happening in 2017 after all of this? That’s a good question. In 2016 he said he was, “Working on new stuff now. Stay tuned!” and until it’s released, that’s all we can do.

And no matter what, while he may now reside in Nashville, he’ll always be from Washington, DC.

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